The Supply of Batteries & Associated Items LEIDOS SUPPLY, LIMITED Tender Closes 13th March

Team Leidos has a requirement for the supply of a range of Batteries and associated Items and intends to invite tenders for its MOD Batteries supply with a view to awarding Contracts that are targeted to commence in Summer 2019. Team Leidos will invite tenders against 36 Batteries/Chargers and associated Items.

Our customer, the MoD, requires us to provide Batteries, which include a proportion identified solely by brand names; product names and/or product numbers. This is because the use for which the product was codified required testing; manufacturer’s approval; Design Authority approval; Submarine Toxicity Clearance; or the specific technical, chemical or physical properties of the specified item. The batteries and associated items have been codified in such a way that the brand name and/or part reference often form part of the coded characteristics which define the essence of the item. Given the way in which these particular products have been codified, and in accordance with PCR 2015 (Section 5, Technical Specification, 42. (5) and (12)) Leidos expects the brands/product names/product numbers specified for the MOD Batteries to be the only Batteries able to meet the MOD’s supply requirements on some or all occasions, and considers therefore that the specification in this tender process of these makes and models of Batteries and associated items are justified by the subject matter of the Contract.

For example, in instances where the parent equipment supplier has stipulated a particular product type or footprint, these are the items that must be provided and alternatives and near equivalents are unacceptable (We refer to these as Stated Product Types). Similarly, in some instances, where the parent equipment supplier has specified a bespoke product these are the items that must be provided, alternatives are unacceptable (We refer to these as Specified Products).

Nonetheless, Leidos considers that there may be products that could on occasion meet the MOD’s technical specification, but which are not yet certified and codified. If a supplier identifies an alternative or equivalent Product in terms of Fit, Form, Function, which also meets the specified requirements, Leidos will consider appointing the supplier of such an alternative to the framework agreement, but it would require some items to achieve Interim Certification prior to Full Certification before achieving any orders of that alternative. Note that all costs for achieving compliance will sit with the supplier, and the prices quoted must be reflective of certified products. These products must meet all other mandatory requirements and legislation compliance (e.g. product labelling and Dangerous Good Transport classification). Supplementary requirements (package quantities and additional labelling etc.) may also be involved in future Contract conditions.

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