The Supply of Clay and Modelling Materials Supply Hertfordshire Tender Closes 12th February

Hertfordshire County Council (the Contracting Authority) acting on behalf of the Participants is leading on the procurement process to establish a Framework Agreement for the Supply of Clay and Modelling Materials (hereinafter referred to as Goods) and is seeking suitably qualified Contractor(s) to supply the Goods under any Agreement resulting from this tendering exercise. 

A list of the Goods required is given in the Specification (Schedule 1) of the procurement documents.

The authorities that are participating in this tender exercise and any subsequent Agreement are listed below: 

Hampshire County Council 
Hertfordshire County Council

The Contracting Authority reserves the right however to include any other Consortium member, affiliate or associate who may wish to join this arrangement throughout its life (Customers) subject to the approval of the Contracting Authority and completion of an Access Agreement. 

The requirement is for the Goods to be delivered to various locations throughout each authority, and in certain circumstances to the central stores of the participating authorities.

The approximate annual spend by authority is as follows;

The anticipated annual joint expenditure, for the Participating Authority’s on these Goods is presently circa £84,000 per annum, however the estimated annual range is between £60,000 to £100,000. 

The estimated annual spend by each participating Authority can be broken down as follows –

Hampshire £23,713
Hertfordshire £60,448 

The Framework Agreement will be for a core period of two (2) years unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of this Framework Agreement or extended at the sole discretion of the Council for a period of up to two (2) further years on an annual basis by giving at least six (6) months’ prior notice in writing. Please note that the Contract requirements will be subject to available financial resources, supplier performance and flexibility to meet changing demands.

This procurement is an Open (one stage) process. Suppliers wishing to take part in this project are invited to express interest which will give access to the full procurement documents in the e-tendering system. 

To be considered as a Bidder you must complete and submit a Bid by the deadline of 12:00 Noon on Tuesday 12 February 2019

Any questions relating to this procurement must be made via correspondence on the website, in accordance with the procurement documents and can be addressed to the main contact as shown in the details above.

Please allow sufficient time to make your return as late returns will not be permitted by the system.

Tenderers should be aware that due to the nature of the Goods provided, any Framework Agreement formed as a result of this procurement process shall be executed as a deed.

About the buyer

Contact name

Chris Mulhall (HCC)


Pegs Lane
SG13 8DE
United Kingdom


01707 281571


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