The Supply of Fresh Meat and Poultry Supply Hertfordshire Tender Closes 24th June

Hertfordshire Catering Limited (hereinafter referred to as HCL) is a limited company, limited by shares and wholly owned by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC). HCL has a requirement for the Supply of Fresh Meat and Poultry (hereinafter referred to as “Goods”) to be delivered to various Sites as listed in the Specification (Schedule 1 of the tender documents).

There will be a need for the Supplier to have a flexible approach as during the contract period the pattern, variety and volume of demand for Goods as well as the number of Sites may be subject to change and it is stressed that there are no undertakings concerning likely volume of demand.

For guidance only HCL’s estimated annual value of spend on Fresh Meat and Poultry is £550,000. However, HCL reserve the right to adjust this requirement during the duration of the Agreement should we they wish to do so. 

In order to fulfil this requirement HCL is seeking to work in partnership with a Supplier with an effective and efficient supply chain whose market knowledge includes finding the best product fit with the aims of better outcomes for HCL.

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