The Supply of Packaged Bitumen Products Cormac Solutions Ltd Tender Closes 26th February 2020

Cormac Solutions Ltd needs an efficient, dependable, affordable and well- managed supply chain to meet its operational objectives. Material and service requirements need to be met promptly to allow work programmes to be undertaken without delays or interruptions. This procurement allows Cormac Solutions Ltd to source its bitumen products from competent suppliers at a competitive price.

Products will have to meet a British Standard and be endorsed under the Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme.

Technical requirements will be defined in the tender paperwork and products will be evaluated and trialled if necessary.

Packaged Bitumen Products; includes the supply of all packaged bitumen products required for highways maintenance and construction, to our Distribution Centre situated in Bodmin and to other sites and depots located across Cornwall and Devon. The intention is to award this agreement to a sole supplier.

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