The Supply of Soils & Substrates to the City of London – City of London Corporation – Tender Closes 22nd November

The City of London Corporation (the City) invites Tenders for the provision of Supply of Soils & Substrates to the City of London.

The City’s Open Spaces Department is requiring a supplier that can meet the City’s requests for the supply of a variety of very high-quality soils, substrates, mulches and bark to compliment the standards required by the City of London.

The duration of the contract is 2 years, subject to the right of the City (at its sole discretion) to exercise its right to extend the Contract by up to 2 years in 2 individual periods of 12 months i.e. (2+1+1).

The maximum length of the contract is therefore 4 years.

The budget for this contract is up to £160,000 over 4 years i.e. £40,000 pa.

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