Thermal Cycling Chamber Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult Tender Closes 10th January

The Catapult is procuring a shaker table (see ICT-2018-021) for environmental testing to evaluate product resilience and to demonstrate market readiness. This equipment is required to provide capability for sinusoidal and random vibration as well as high-acceleration shock tests for small to medium sized payloads. The addition of a thermal chamber via this opportunity allows for multi-mode environmental stress tests with the flexibility for using either system simultaneously and independently.

The equipment will be used for R&D during the Catapult’s collaborative and internal projects whilst also providing potential commercial opportunities in compliance and pre-qualification testing against a range of standards for harsh environments.

The Catapult may also purchase additional related services.

This notice should be read in conjunction with notice ICT-2018-021. Items ICT-2018-021 and ICT-2018-022 are potentially being purchased together and must be compatible. Suppliers are invited to tender for ITC-2018-021, and ITC-2018-022 as optional. Suppliers may enter into consortia, sub-contract or deliver both requirements themselves.

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