Toxicology Services General Medical Council (GMC) Tender Closes 27th August

Where there are concerns about a doctor’s physical or mental health, we may require the doctor to undergo a health assessment. This may form one part of a wider investigation into a doctor’s fitness to practise. At the end of an investigation, a doctor may enter into a period of medical supervision to monitor their health condition and compliance with any restrictions on their registration.

Toxicology testing is required as part of the GMC’s Fitness to Practise proceedings in order to establish:

a) if and what substances have been/are being used by the doctor (of particular help in health assessments)

b) if the doctor has complied with undertakings or conditions (of particular help for the purposes of medical supervision).

This is mostly done through the use of blood and hair tests at present, although urine and breath tests can be carried out at the GMC’s discretion.

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