Traffic Signals Installation Framework Somerset County Council Tender Closes 20th March 2020

The Framework Agreement for Traffic Signals Installation will cover Installation of new traffic signals, replacement of traffic signals and associated infrastructure improvements, and will comprise the following work types:
• Installation of new traffic signal controlled junctions;
• Modification and refurbishment of existing traffic signal controlled junctions;
• Commissioning of new, modified and refurbished traffic signal controlled junctions;
• Cyclic maintenance activities, vegetation removal etc.
• Carriageway & footpath resurfacing
• Kerb alterations
• Landscaping in the vicinity of the above?
• Surveys and investigations required to inform the design (by others) of the above;
• Site clearance related to the above;
• Traffic management associated with the above activities; and
• Performing the role of Principal Contractor where appointed.

A total of three (3) suppliers will be appointed to the Framework Agreement for Traffic Signals Installation.

The estimated spend per annum through the framework is expected to be in the region of £1,000,000 to £2,000,000 with an overall Framework limit of £10,000,000.00.

Work under the framework will be awarded either as the as a result of running further-competitions as set out in the conditions of contract or by direct award based on applying the rate items to the tendered rates and directly awarding to the lowest priced bidder based on that exercise.

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