Translation and Interpretation Services Luton Council Tender Closes 13th September

Luton Council (LC) and Luton Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) are committed to supporting the needs of the local community. This includes ensuring that people in Luton are able to access and understand information about the services LC and LCCG provide. LC and LCCG commission ITS in order for us to communicate information or deliver a service. Examples where this Service is available include – Domestic Violence, Housing, Children & Learning, Safeguarding, legislative matters and attendance at GP, Optometry and Dental appointments. Referrals may be made directly either by LCCG or LC as required and must meet the relevant booking criteria.

The service is provided to ensure that the client is able to receive the services of LC and LCCG direct to them, when appropriate and as required in rare circumstances, 24 hours per day, and 365 days per year.

LC and LCCG are seeking a Provider who can supply the following services:

• Professional Face to Face Interpreters for all required languages and dialects most commonly found across Luton
• Quality Translations – covering all languages and media sources used in Luton
• Telephone Interpreting
• British Sign Language (BSL)
• Deaf Telephone
• Braille
• Touch Sign
• Makaton Proficiency

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