Transport Economics Training Department For Transport Tender Closes 27th September

The Department for Transport (DfT) has a requirement for a training provider to provide specific, industry focused training surrounding two core topic areas:

1. Transport Investment Appraisal (TIA): cost-benefit analysis and the development of business cases, consistent with HMT Green Book guidance and the DfT’s Transport Analysis Guidance (TAG).

2. Transport Infrastructure and Economic Performance (TIEP): how we robustly assess the impact of transport interventions on economic performance, such as productivity, investment and employment.

The Departments default assumption is that the delivery format will be up to 3 days of classroom courses for each of the TIA and TIEP courses, plus off-line course notes (e.g. covering key principles, to give a basic grounding for staff joining DfT +4 months before the next course is scheduled).

We welcome proposals that make use of innovative, engaging delivery methods, which are likely to enhance learning outcomes and present value for money.

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