Travel Training Suffolk Sourcing Tender Closes 13th November

Suffolk County Council (Council) has been running a successful Independent Travel Training Service (ITTS) pilot for approximately 3.5 years and is now seeking a Provider who can coordinate and deliver a flexible ITTS, that will continue to train:

o Young people under Children and Young Peoples Services (CYP) to travel independently to and from school and Post 16 provisions (CYP Trainees)

o Adults and young people over the age of 18 under Adult and Community Services (ACS) to travel independently to and from commissioned services and activities in their community (Adult Trainees)

The Service Provider will offer these young people and adults a safe way of travelling independently that will build self-esteem and confidence. Being able to travel on public transport is a key life skill which lets young people and adults make choices about how they live, go about their daily life and fulfil their potential.

The supplier will work in partnership with the Council to improve the outcomes for young people and adults in supporting them to use all forms of public transport and where appropriate walking routes.

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