Turning a negative into a positive – how the current crisis sparked inspiration for Harrogate Food and Drink

Turning a negative into a positive – how the current crisis sparked inspiration for Harrogate Food and Drink

Winning Tenders had been working closely with Harrogate Food and Drink on a bid that unfortunately had to be deferred due to Covid-19.

Part of our bid writing process is to ask businesses probing questions, and plenty of them. It was during this process with us that entrepreneur and owner of Harrogate Food and Drink, Andrew Aikman, was compelled to rethink his business strategy and ask himself how he would continue to run a successful business, all whilst supporting his local community.

Like so many other businesses, Harrogate Food and Drink saw an extremely adverse impact on their business due to Covid-19. Whilst some may flounder or throw in the towel, the virus crisis simply ignited the drive and passion of Andrew and his wife and they did something unexpected – they didn’t panic! They decided they couldn’t wait until June to access support and they remodelled their business to adapt to the changed needs of the consumer. Smart indeed.

The couple have transformed their business to meet the new surge in demand for online deliveries by creating Red Kite Roasters (‘looking to champion the sale of sustainable products sold with a smile’), Truffle Hunters (hog roast specialists), Tasty Birds (‘Delicious Rotisserie Chicken – Guaranteed the best chicken you will taste -Sunday dinner to beat all Sunday dinners’) and Fruit & Veg Box deliveries.

With already over 1,200 followers on social media and plenty of 5* reviews, they’ve gained a significant foothold in a very short amount of time. No longer simply Harrogate Food & Drink Co, the new brand offerings include Red Kite Coffee, offering unground beans from Brazil or Ethiopia. They are working alongside ‘Source Climate’ to analyse and reduce their carbon footprint from cradle to grave.

We are delighted to be helping Harrogate Food & Drink to identify more business opportunities created by their new ventures and of course we are very pleased indeed that initial groundwork on tender readiness inspired these exciting developments.

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