UK Nationals Support Fund: Call for Proposals FOREIGN & COMMONWEALTH OFFICE Tender Closes 24th October

In the context of EU Exit in all scenarios, UK nationals (UKNs) and their family members living in some EU/EFTA states will need to register or apply for residence.

Many UKNs will already be informed about the need to register through a range of Member State, UK Government and wider outreach and communication activity. However, some UKNs will be at risk of failing to register and will require extra support in being aware of and/or applying for a residency status.

The FCO is therefore initiating a grants scheme for organisations to give practical support to UKNs and their family members to complete the full process required to register/apply for residency by the deadline in their State of residence.

The FCO intends to make grant funding available: up to £1,500,000 this financial year (2019/20) and, subject to a review of the Fund’s effectiveness and continued demand, up to £1,500,000 for FY2020/21. There will be one level of grant award: £60,000 and above.

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