UK Overseas Territories Coral Reef Initiative Workshop JNCC SUPPORT CO Tender Closes 17th December

The overall aim is to plan and facilitate a workshop in Anguilla from 5-7th February 2019 on coral reef conservation in the UK Overseas Territories (OTs). This workshop should begin the process of developing coral action plans for the UKOTs.

The aims of the workshop are:
• To develop a shared understanding of the regional and international policy drivers and vision for delivery;
• To identify the main threats and challenges facing coral reefs in each Territory and discuss commonalities across Territories;
• To identify potential actions necessary (and actors if appropriate) to address the main threats and challenges;
• To share lessons learned from past and ongoing coral reef projects;
• To prioritise actions for each OT represented at the workshop and understand the current capacity and barriers to undertaking these actions;
• To highlight potential areas for collaboration across OTs and the wider Caribbean and establish a forum for ongoing communication.

Project Background
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), JNCC, Cefas and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) are developing a collaborative initiative with Overseas Territories (OTs) to deliver an improved understanding of the status of warm water coral reefs, the pressures affecting them, the current national and regional policies in place, and the actions necessary to ensure their longer-term protection. This initiative will identify and prioritise tangible actions to be delivered through tailored coral Action Plans. The Action Plans will provide the framework for delivering coherent and coordinated efforts within the OTs and at a regional level and help underpin future funding bids by external bodies.

UK Government would like to work together with OTs to develop the action plans. These will specify the priority actions OTs would like to undertake within a set timeframe, along with their capacity to undertake them internally and the types of external projects that would be welcome. The action plans may also identify potential funding and partnership opportunities. Each OT will have a tailored action plan as priorities will differ between OTs, but efforts will be made to draw out synergies.

A rapid assessment report has been produced by JNCC which outlines current knowledge of coral reef status, threats and management in the OTs. This can provide a starting point on discussions around the main challenges facing OTs and status of management. The rapid assessment is currently being reviewed by OTs and a copy will be provided to the contractor at the start of the contract.

We are planning to hold a workshop in Anguilla from 5-7th February 2019 to engage with OTs in and around the Caribbean region (Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat and Turks and Caicos Islands). There will be a separate process to work with the Pitcairn Islands and British Indian Ocean Territory. The workshop is intended to further the development of the action

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