UK SBS CR18189 Strategic Roadmap for Consumer Appliance Safety UK SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED Tender Closes 20th December

The objective of this project is to produce a Strategic Roadmap so that the Office is aware of the future technologies that will be part of the domestic appliances of the future. The Roadmap will identify where the future safety “hotspots” will be, and hence identify the attendant critical questions that will need addressing in future work. For some technologies, the new safety risks will be easy to identify, but for others that are more complex, it will be sufficient just to identify the critical questions that might be addressed in future work.

Where there are several possible future technology options, the Roadmap should consider each realistic option.
For each appliance listed, it is envisaged that the contractor will break it down in to its key elements, such as pumps, fans, controllers, insulation panels etc. The current and likely future technologies for each will be identified, and the attendant safety risks and possible mitigating measures for each identified.

The Contractor should identify where these new technologies might be used in multiple types of appliances, which might make them a higher priority for further research.

Other (non-safety) policy drivers and regulations that might impact product design should be taken account of, for example the Product Eco-design regulations.

Please ensure you review all attached information to ensure a full understanding of this requirement. All attachments can be found with the RFx attachments tab within the Emptoris System.

This contract will be awarded based on the evaluation criteria set out in the ITQ document.

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