UK SBS CS18060 BEIS Home of 2030 the Ageing Society and Clean Growth Grand Challenge Design Competition Tender Closes 9th January

Government will launch a national design competition in the Spring 2019 as part of the Ageing Society and Clean Growth Grand Challenges. This was announced by the Energy Minister Claire Perry at Green GB Week.

The Department wishes to contract a competition organiser. The competition organiser should have significant knowledge of running competitions of this nature and should have substantial profile and credibility with industry. The competition organiser will be responsible for all elements of design, delivery, communication, promotion and evaluation of the competition. They will seek input and approvals of the Competition Steering Group led by Buildings Mission, BEIS at regular intervals as agreed by the steering group.

The competition organiser must also have varied and broad industry and academic connections, with involvement in bringing together disperate consortia to solve challenges.

BEIS require a delivery partner, to help scope, design and carry out the design competition in a way that best delivers the aims of engaging the public and businesses around an affordable and scalable vision for the home of 2030 that is higher quality, more energy efficient, and that also supports people, whatever their age and need, to live healthy and independent lives.

Please ensure you review all attached information to ensure a full understanding of this requirement. All attachments can be found with the RFx attachments tab within the Emptoris System.

This contract will be awarded based on the evaluation criteria set out in the ITQ / RFP document.

How to Apply

As part of the strategic alliance between UK Shared Business Services Ltd (UK SBS) and Crown Commercial Service (CCS), UK SBS will be using the CCS eSourcing Suite for this procurement.

To register on the CCS eSourcing portal please follow the details contained within the Additional Information section of this notice.

If you are already registered on the CCS eSourcing portal and wish to register your interest in this opportunity please email;

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• the name and reference for the procurement you wish to register for;
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