Understanding the functional requirements for train driver alertness and attention monitoring devices tender closes 25th October

The objective of this work package is to review physiological and behavioural indicators and associated measurement techniques that could be used to monitor or measure loss of alertness or attention. This will include, where available, quality of evidence, validity, reliability and operability in or transferability to the real-world train driving context. This work package will produce three deliverables:

• A spreadsheet of indicators of attention or alertness and associated measurement techniques

• A literature review report on indicators of attention or alertness and associated measurement techniques, which discusses the spreadsheet above

• A (very) short document outlining recommendations for functional requirements and evaluation criteria for technologies that claim to monitor alertness or attention

By understanding the evidence on indicators and measurement techniques, their strengths and limitations, and recommended functional requirements, the GB rail industry will be able to:

1. Generate research-based functional requirements which take into account what is feasible from a scientific and technological perspective.

2. Carry out a well-informed desk-based evaluation of technologies that have been put forward by suppliers, taking into account research evidence.

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