University Archive University Of Plymouth Tender Closes 21st March

The university currently houses some collected documents and papers relating to its history in a small number of filing cabinets and boxes located around the institution. There is no standard systematic process in operation for the ongoing retention of university documentation in accordance with the records retention schedule to ensure that the university retains and preserves those documents and records it is either required or wishes to retain.

There is currently no archival expertise within the university staffing and therefore a short investigation by a qualified practitioner, with possible input from a qualified records manager, is required to ascertain the current scope of archive material and to make recommendations for systematic and robust management of suitable records, incorporating appropriate records retention processes where they apply to archive material.

The University of Plymouth wishes to commission a short, fixed-term audit, to be completed before 31 July 2019, by a qualified Archivist with possible input from a Records Manager to ascertain the scale and location of existing university records and to make recommendations as identified within the Fee Bid documentation, available via the University’s tendering portal:

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