Verges Grass Cutting Didcot Town Council Tender Closes 4th February

The total grass area currently covered by this contract is 129,362 square metres, this quantity could vary over the duration of the contract due to development in various parts of the town.
It is proposed that the grass will be cut monthly between April and October with a further cut the following March making 8 cuts in total.

The grass is to be cut using suitable machinery with grass cuttings being left on the sward. Litter picking is to take place before grass cutting and all obstacles are to be cut around using strimmers. All grass cuttings must be cleared from pavement and road areas after cutting.
Grass shall be cut to a height of not more than 40mm without scalping.

Some verges have spring bulbs planted in them these bulb areas will not be cut until at least 6weeks after flowering has finished.

Maps showing all verges are available to view at Didcot Town Council offices, Britwell Road, Didcot, OX11 7HN.

All machinery used on the contract must be in good working order with all safety guards in place. Operatives must be trained in the use of the equipment and be supplied with all the necessary PPE.

The contractor must supply copies of public liability and employer insurance cover. Minimum public liability cover is £10 million.
The contractor will be liable for any damage caused to vehicles and property during the grass cutting operation.

Contract price to be returned to DTC Offices, Britwell Road, Didcot,
Oxon, OX11 7HN by noon on Monday 4th February 2019. The contract award will be decided at the councils Environment Committee on Monday 11th February 2019.
The contract will start on Monday 1st April 2019. The previous contractor will have completed a cut in March 2019.

Invoices will be paid monthly in arrears after a cut has taken place and has been inspected by the councils Outdoor Services Manager. The contractor will be given 5 days to rectify any defaults identified.

The contractor will supply a breakdown of resources required to undertake the contract in full. This will include manpower, vehicles, machinery and the local office or depot from which the contract will operate.

The contractor will supply a copy of their Health& Safety policy, and a risk assessment and method statement for the works to be carried out.

The contractor needs to be aware that on Fridays both waste & recycling bins are collected throughout Didcot and this may cause delays in grass cutting on these days.

Any queries on the tender details contact Tony Rudge, Outdoor Services Manager at Didcot Town Council on 01235 812637 or email

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