WA/MC – appointment of a planning consultant – submission of Reserved Matters’ information: site B Ockford Ridge, Godalming SE Shared Services tender closes 1st March

The council wishes to appoint a suitably experienced and competent planning consultant to arrange and submit information in order to discharge planning conditions attached to its consent for this redevelopment site on the council’s Ockford Ridge, Godalming estate, in Surrey.

The following services are required:

1. Collate information and submit an application to discharge Reserved Matters in connection with the current planning permission WAV/ 2017/1609, for the above mentioned redevelopment scheme. Reserved Matters are set out in the accompanying Decision Letter from the LPA (see appendix 1.)

It is intended that the reports, surveys and statements relating to these conditions will be provided by the council’s appointed consultant and advisers, for which procurement has now commenced: this will include an ecologist, an archaeologist, a civil and structural engineer and employer’s agent.

All designs, drawings, warranties and guarantees must be capable of full assignment to the council and / or its appointed contractors and advisors.

2. Provide support to the council and its other consultants as needed and on an ad hoc basis during the pre-development phase for this scheme. This element of the services should be separately priced, assuming 10 hours of consultancy time. An assumed hourly rate for this service should be separately stated in the Tender Return

3. Provide, as required, architectural services in support of the planning work outlined above. The council does not have a retained architect for this scheme and it envisages that drawings might be required to support such applications. The previous architect has warranted its drawings and assigned them to the council for use it this regard. These duties will include updating the council’s estate plan for wider estate management purposes

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