Westminster Way Change Programme capitalEsourcing Tender Closes 30th September

Westminster City Council launched The Westminster Way, it’s people strategy in 2018 which is all about creating a culture of openness, transparency and integrity by developing our staff to be the very best and deliver our vision City for All. The Westminster Way has three pillars including Personal Development where we believe “Everyone has talent”, Value our People and Diversity where we believe “Everyone is Valued” and The Westminster Way of working where we believe “Everyone is a leader”.

Since its launch in 2018, all our people programmes have been aligned to the three pillars and we have launched some modern and innovative approaches such as our new approach to personal development replacing traditional performance management, our “everyone has talent” programme providing development opportunities for everyone to support their careers in Westminster and initiatives such as Reverse mentoring and Positive Action.

In 2015 the Council launched Leading the Westminster Way academy programme which was aimed at senior level managers and involved a launch day, one to one coaching session, psychometrics (including Wave, Hogan and MBTI) and a set of core bitesize modules and additional optional modules. Working the Westminster Way (WTWW) was launched for middle managers and below. This was a two-day programme and covered concepts from LTWW.

We undertook a review of the academy programme recently to understand how effective it has been in achieving the culture change as set out by the people strategy. The review has demonstrated that people had extremely positive reaction to the programme itself. They enjoyed it and felt valued and invested in. They felt it was the beginning of the culture change in the council. There was also evidence of learning however both the academy programmes were launched as stand-alone programmes before the launch of our people strategy (2018) as stated above and although they were right for the time, we have moved on as an organisation and are keen to continue and embed the culture change as per our people strategy and therefore we are seeking a strategic partner to help us build on the amazing work that has already taken place to further embed the Westminster Way and achieve long-term culture change.

Come and meet us including our CEO on the 3rd of October, Lord Mayor’s Reception Rooms, City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, SW1E 6QP from 13:30pm – 16:30pm, with registration and coffee from 13:00pm.

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