Whale Research Vessel tender closes 25th October

UK Research and Innovation through its component research council, Natural Environment Research Council – British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is looking to charter a research vessel and crew (to berth 10-12 scientists) for a minimum of 30 days (with the potential for extension) to undertake a field survey of whales near South Georgia during January and/or February 2020.

The project is a field survey of southern right whales feeding off South Georgia using visual survey techniques and acoustics (DiFAR sonobuoys). The objectives are to survey the north coast and shelf break of South Georgia (and south coast if time and weather conditions permit), collect data from individuals (e.g. photo-ID and skin samples), deploy a UAV to measure whale body condition and collect blow sample, and to satellite track humpback and right whales, in order to characterize the population using these waters, which calving grounds they connect to, where they are feeding and what they are feeding on. The data will also be used to measure whale abundance and diversity on this poorly known feeding area.

£100,000 – £150,000 maximum, any bids above this will not be considered.

CLOSING TIME FOR BIDS IS 25/10/18 14:00 HOURS. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE BUYER. To express your interest in this opportunity email ExpressionOfInterest@crowncommercial.gov.uk. To register on our e-sourcing portal click on https://gpsesourcing.cabinetoffice.gov.uk and follow the link “Register for CCS eSourcing”

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