What kind of tenders do you specialise in?

Some of our tender writers enjoy writing tenders in a variety of market sectors… others prefer to stick to what they know best and focus on a particular market such as construction or domiciliary care.

When asked ‘what kind of tenders do you specialise in’ we used to just say ‘any kind – we are experts in the procurement process, you are the expert in your business – we’ll work together’! 

Now, with our expanded team, we do both as we have specialists and generalists. Tell us what you need to achieve and we will let you know how we could tackle your project if you commission us to write one or more tenders on your behalf.

As with any process, the better we understand you and your business then the greater clarity and connection we can build into the tender writing process and thus increase the chances of success.

We’re always going to need to ask you questions about how your business could deliver the requirements of an invitation to tender but, as we know you better, the fewer questions we will need to ask.

If you could be winning tenders at an ever-increasing success rate then that would make you happy, right?

Do contact us and share your aspirations for tendering and we’ll see what we can do to meet them.

Thank you.


Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

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