Window Treatments HOUSING & CARE 21 Closes 22nd November

Housing & Care 21 are currently investing significantly in its existing housing stock, with a view to providing practical and modern living spaces for their residents.

As part of a five year programme (of which we are currently in year three), Housing & Care 21’s Design Team have led a makeover project to update and redevelop shared and communal spaces across its Retirement Housing and Extra Care stock. A large proportion of these properties have been in Housing & Care 21’s portfolio for many years, and as a result are showing significant signs of wear. Each makeover comprises the repainting/redecoration of the required rooms/areas, the partial or full replacement of the flooring and the purchase and installation of furniture, window treatments and artwork.

Window Treatment suppliers are expected to work with the Interior Designer assigned to each court/scheme to ensure the completion of this area of the project within allotted timescales. The supplier should be able to source the required products for each site at competitive prices and provide a full measurement and installation service.

The objective of this tender is to appoint two suitable Window Treatment suppliers across three regions of the Housing & Care 21 estate (North, Central and South). There will be no limitations applied to the number of regions a supplier can bid for. Any suppliers who believe they can service every region requested should be able to highlight how this can be achieved as well as highlighting areas of the country that they may struggle to service.

Each selected supplier should be able to provide a comprehensive and high quality service, working in conjunction with Housing & Care 21’s Design Team during the makeover process at each court. The supplier will firstly be expected to accurately measure each of the required windows when pricing up for a project to ensure costs and wastage are kept to a minimum. Following this, the chosen supplier will also be expected to provide an efficient and high quality installation service, working to tight timescales and ensuring minimal disruption is caused to the residents of each court/scheme.

Due to the age and vulnerability of Housing & Care 21’s residents, all suppliers should be able to supply and work to the appropriate Health and Safety provisions for their service. Where possible allowances should be made by contractors to ensure residents are able to conduct their daily business without any disruption.

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