Woodford Park Lake Regeneration Woodley Town Council Tender Closes 8th November

Redistribution of silt within lake, installation of Nicospan membranes, coir roles, lake bank repairs, boardwalk and platforms.

Work comprises work to the lake at Woodford Park and includes:
a. Removal of tree stumps including roots from various points along the lake edge.
b. Repairs to the banks damaged by stump removal and other damaged areas using brushwood faggots and/other systems with dredged arisings plus imported topsoil to backfill ready for planting.
c. Dredging of the silt in the western and central part of the lake and deposition of that silt to the eastern side behind a nicospan barrier.
d. Installation of timber deck and boardwalk with steps, handrail and dipping platforms to cross the lake and access the eastern island.
e. Creation of accessible ramp to the deck.
f. Creation of access area with no-dig construction to provide duck feeding area
g. Potential installation of specialist timber posts, rails and signage elements within the boardwalk.
h. Removal of existing chainlink fence and replacement with identical or similar further up the slope to the council depot.

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