Do you Really Want to Win Larger Contracts?

This might seem like an odd question. Larger contracts help you grow your business faster. And a few large contracts have a lower overall client management overhead than loads of small ones.

But larger contracts change the nature of your business. They mean a challenging step up in professionalism, systems and organisation.

That challenge starts with the way you win contracts in the first place. Larger contracts usually mean formal procurement and tendering.

Formal procurement and tendering can be a shock
Many businesses believe that because they’ve written successful proposals in the past formal tendering should come easily. They’re often astonished by the rigidity and complexity of the tendering process.

Clients expect to see evidence that the professionalism and systems needed to deliver the project are already in place. Decoding what tendering bodies expect to see and having the necessary policies and supporting documents is a bigger task than many imagine.

Learning ‘on the go’ is painful
Teaching yourself the complexities of formal tendering while you prepare an important bid hardly ever leads to success. It’s an expensive and time-consuming learning journey. Winning Tenders will support you through the process. We make the learning experience less painful and get you in a position to win major contracts faster than you could on your own.

There’s still room for individuality
Because of the formality and strict rules, businesses new to tenders miss opportunities to make their bids distinctive. The character of the business gets lost in dry language and technical jargon. With nothing to make your bid stand out from the crowd the decision is more likely to come down to price.

Get the help you need
Winning Tenders has helped many businesses make the step up to formal procurement and tendering – opening the gateway to larger and more lucrative contracts. If you’re serious about tackling larger contract opportunities ask for a Tender Readiness Check. Our experienced tendering professionals will look at your existing proposals, procedures, supporting documents and bid team organisation and tell you exactly what you need to do.

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Need immediate help?

Are you tackling your first formal tenders and have just realised what you’ve let yourself in for? We can help you with interpreting the ITT and PQQ, organising your bid preparation, getting policies and supporting documents up to scratch, and writing or reviewing your bid.

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