Procurement: What Large Organisations are Really Looking for

 Blog How to find Opportunities you can Bid forAs your business grows it’s likely that you’ll be attempting to sell to larger organisations. This can be daunting. For one thing you’ll need to become confident in handling more complex and detailed procurement processes than you’ve been used to.

What do you need to understand about this new bidding environment? What are larger clients really looking for? And what could you do to gain a competitive edge and improve your chances of success?

In this short video I help make your learning curve less steep. There’s valuable and concise guidance to help you focus your tender submissions, to win bigger contracts in either the public or private sector.

I also explain why – despite what you might have been told – winning isn’t all about price.

Video: Winning Contracts With Larger Organisations

If your business needs to step up to the challenges of formal procurement, watch the video and get in touch to see how Winning Tenders can put you on track for success.

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