The missed opportunity in office printers and copiers

Why does everyone hate printers and why can’t IT companies see the opportunity? Just Google ‘I hate printers’ and see what comes up!

Printers and Multifunctional Devices (MFDs) – that’s copier/printer/scanners are an essential yet unloved part of office life.

They need to be looked after – loading paper, clearing jams, adding toner or inkjet cartridges – and dealing with error messages.

These inoffensive looking grey boxes used to be the responsibility of facilities departments – especially when they were just standalone copiers and local printers – but now everything is networked and it’s the IT department that, reluctantly, has to take responsibility.

Qualified IT bods see it as somewhat demeaning to have to go and clear somebody’s paper jam yet the output of those printers is often mission critical.

So here’s the opportunity for enlightened IT service companies – stop ignoring the situation, stop saying ‘we don’t deal with printers’ and take the bull by the horns – say instead ‘yes we’d love to look after your printer fleet’.

By taking away the client’s pain, you can add to your bottom line by adopting ‘Managed Print Services’ as a crucial line of business, an inherent part of what you offer. There is money to be made and you will be able to show your clients a saving.

We’ve partnered with, who have 20 years experience in MPS; they who will show you how it’s done and train your sales team how to love what you previously hated. We ourselves have over 30 years of tendering success in copier/printer -related bid and we’ll do our bit by helping you with tenders and proposals that show how keen you are to solve all those printer problems.

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