Choose Your Winning Tenders ‘Tender Readiness Check’ – SME or Corporate?

Before we can help you with tenders, we need to know all about your company. This is a process of data sharing and conversations that enable us to build an understanding of who you are and where you want to go. We call this process the Tender Readiness Check (TRC) and it’s a series of questions across a 7-page checklist. We don’t expect you to have answers to all the questions but the more detail we have the better.

If you want to get serious about tendering, don’t leave it until you see a tender notice you’d like to respond to as we’ll probably not have sufficient time to build this understanding. Invitations To Tender (ITTs) only tend to be open for 2-4 weeks, so the sooner we can get started, the better.

Tender Readiness Check (TRC) – £450 + vat

Let’s get all your information together: we’ll set up an online bid library which you and our tender writers have access to. You can upload the information yourself or forward it to us and we’ll do the necessary – either way, we’ll talk you through it.

Once we have all your essential information, we’ll be in a position either to confirm that you are indeed ready to tender – or what else we still need – and we’ll help you with this. Then we’ll be able to identify tender opportunities that could be of interest to you. We’ll also fully identify your core service offerings and set up our research systems to find potential ITTs likely to be of interest to you. We’ll do a quick review of each one that we find before forwarding it for your consideration. Spending time on tenders that stand little chance of winning is a waste of resources and that’s something we’re keen to avoid. We further help you by considering whether the contract really is right for you, by ensuring that you meet the qualification criteria and, above all, to assess your likely chances of success.

If you like what you see we’ll work with you to dig deeper, establish the qualification criteria and, if it’s a good match, provide a quote for a strong and compliant tender response. Obviously, tendering is a process that you can do yourself if you’re prepared to spend the time but most business owners who try this fail to answer the questions properly and simply start giving the sales pitch that they would in a face to face meeting. If you are really good at answering such questions correctly then you probably don’t need our service but – be honest with yourself – is it a good use of your time and can you beat competitors who may have their own professional bid teams?

Rather like a Master Chef, we know exactly what ingredients to include so that your bid appeals to the procurement teams whilst at the same time optimising the points we need to score to get you through to the next stage.

For established clients we win the majority of the pre-qualifications and tenders we submit because we are selective, we fully understand the process and we know how to serve up an excellent bid.

If your turnover is in excess of £3 million and you have ambitious growth plans then our Corporate TRC option may suit you better.

We have a high win rate with our established clients because, as our knowledge base grows and we gain a more in-depth understanding of your business over time, we write with you as a team positioned for tendering success.

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Corporate TRC – a Strategic Review of your Bid Process

The Corporate TRC asks a number of key questions over and above the SME TRC, a discovery process which requires time and investment. The aim is to speed up your progress towards achieving a much higher success rate. These questions would typically include:

1. Would you like get involved with public sector tenders?

2. Do you see traditional business proposals as tenders? Would you appreciate our support with those?

3. What does your current bid/no bid process look like?

4. What would be an ideal contract to win for your business?

5. How many tenders will you be looking to submit over the next year?

6. What level of support do you need at this time?

  • Bid writing
  • Bid management
  • Bid/No bid process
  • Red team review
  • Strategic bid management
  • Bid writing training
  • Tender presentation training

7. What resources will you make available to lead the process from your side?

8. What would you like to achieve through a successful tendering process? [E.g. 20% annual growth/improved win rate from current x% to 50%+/expand presence in public sector].

9. Would you like us to develop a standard Proposal Template for your company?

Through a process of face to face / video / conference call meetings we will capture your responses to the above questions and more will be answered enabling Winning Tenders to do our best work on your behalf.

We’ll be totally transparent with our pricing and the aim will be to complete the process ideally within one month, more likely over three months, after which we’ll be able to help you to be highly selective about the best contracts to bid for – and then to go on and win!

Complete our questionnaire when you are ready…

Thank you.