Proposal Writing – Compelling Sales Proposals

How to write compelling sales proposals when bidding for public and private sector contracts.

To win a large contract it’s usually necessary to go through a formal tender process. However, there are times when you don’t have to do that. If your prospective client likes the sound of the product or service you’re offering and asks you to put it all in writing as he or she will need to discuss it with colleagues, you have the opportunity to prepare and submit a compelling sales proposal. You need to make it clear that you fully understand what the client is looking for, and state your understanding of their objectives. ideally verified with them at your initial meeting with them. You then write your proposal in a way that shows very clearly how you are going to meet those objectives.

Set out the client’s objectives on one page. In the proposal you then state the current position, including costs, followed by your proposed solution and the method by which you are going to take them from the current state to the bright new future you are going to create for them. Your proposal should contain both their current costs and the costs of your proposed solution, ideally showing savings. The savings may be in direct costs or perhaps reductions in manpower or administration.

Your client will be impressed that you have taken the trouble to understand what they need and provide a solution for them. It is very important that you have that initial meeting, agree the objectives and also find out what is important to the decision maker. Ideally they should also agree for you to know their current costs: very often clients just don’t know so you can offer to audit these for them, With this knowledge of the current situation and costs plus the client’s objectives the chances of success for your proposal are far greater. By benchmarking the existing position you will be able to show a direct comparison between what they have now and what you are offering so there is no need for them to talk to anyone else.

This formula definitely works – if you’d like to find out more please get in touch.

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