How to win more business proposals and tenders

How to win more business proposals and tenders

Are you thinking about how to win more business proposals and tenders… then you need to make sure you have the right ingredients!

The most effective way to start winning more business proposals and tenders is to change your thinking…

Stop boasting about how fantastic your organisation is and start focusing on the benefits. Reflect on what the customer needs and how your company will ensure that these needs are addressed.

Sales people are great at building the relationships but, if the documentation isn’t clear on what you can do to help, how can you expect the reader to know? They might not know you as an individual; all they have to go on is the facts in front of them.

Marketing teams are great at producing materials describing the perfect scenario that makes you feel they have it covered but these are probably generic and not drilling down to the proposal’s or tender’s specific needs for that client.

Sales people may well find you the people who need to hear your story… but the story needs to absorb the customer’s profile into its being and then position the story in a way that matches the identifiable needs… that is how to win for business proposals and tenders.

Read the proposal / tender but also read the client’s website and especially their most recent annual report. I know, that’s a lot of reading but you are looking for clues. Specifically, look for what the chairman is saying they want for the company, their dream, the strategic vision. The senior managers making decisions will be aware of what the chairman is looking for and will want to impress with their great idea / solution. Help them to do so.

Keep to the facts, keep it relevant and concise and ensure you are within the rules, if there are any. There may be a character limit for a particular tender question… less likely with a proposal but don’t waffle on needlessly, keep to the relevant benefits that you can bring to their party.

That’s how to win more business proposals and tenders… with the right ingredients!

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Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

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