Red Team Review – Successful bidding and tendering is not a matter of chance

Red Team Review

It’s a logical process that needs specific skills in analysis, bid writing and presentation delivery – our Red Team review ensures the buyer is the central focus.

We have seven highly qualified and experienced bid writers who are also capable of managing the whole bid process when required. However, if your team has creative bid writing skills yet your tenders are missing the mark, we can really add value through running a “Red Team Review” of your draft ‘near final’ bid:

• This includes a thorough analysis of the ITT and research into the buyer so we develop a clear understanding of just what the buyer is looking for.

• We then review your ‘near final’ bid documents from the perspective of the evaluator so we ensure that the key messages are fully aligned to what the client is asking for.

The Red Review team will have had no previous contact with the proposal so we are able to be completely impartial. Above all we ensure that all questions have been answered in full and therefore that no points have been dropped. Feedback will be detailed, pointing out areas for improvement. You may think we’re being harsh but it’s all to help ensure you win!

In a recent ‘red review’ of a large construction company’s draft bid, we made crucial recommendations for changes in 6 of the 7 key areas. Changes made, that company went on to win a £45m contract.

We can approach this in stages to determine if we are a good fit for your organisation.

Step 1 – Summary review of business proposal – £250 + VAT
We will spend a couple of hours reviewing a previous business proposal and offer advice in general terms on how it might have been improved to stand a better chance of winning.

Step 2 – Tender Readiness Check (TRC) – £450 + VAT
This takes the form of a circa 80-question proforma which, once complete, enable us to understand your business better and this insight will enable us to position your company more accurately and help you with the crucial ‘bid/no bid decision’ before you commit valuable resources.
Furthermore, it allows us to make recommendations on the most suitable tender opportunities to go for and which ones to avoid.

Step 3 – Red Review of tenders – £750 / £1,500* per day per reviewer
The level of our involvement will obviously be directly related to the value of the contract that you are tendering for. We can get multiple people involved and run these either remotely or in person*.

Step 4 – Preparing you for the Pitch: the Presentation Interview – individual quote
Should you be successful in getting to the presentation stage then we can offer guidance here as well. This can take the form of coaching, role play, rehearsing the presentation interview and/or helping with the often essential ‘slide’ deck overview of your proposition.

If you’d like to know more simply complete our contact form offering an outline of your thinking.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Sales & Marketing Director
07717 820823

Photo by Owen Kemp on Unsplash