Winning Tenders’ ‘7 Days in 7 Ways’ Campaign

We’re all interested in increasing sales and it almost goes without saying that, what every sales person wants, is to talk to people who are interested in what he or she is selling.

The aim is to make best use of your time by removing from your prospect list those who are not interested or not serious enough about moving forward ASAP. And some recent research [source: big data set] based on trillions of touch points, indicates that waiting a week between contacts is ‘old school’, you need to crack on and say hello the next day, in a different way, to speed them on their way to a decision because, if serious, they will not want to delay.

So I have come up with the Winning Tenders ‘7 Days in 7 Ways’ Campaign which I plan to test run in February:

  1. Make a phone call – the quickest way to eliminate someone from your list is to talk to them have a chat. So find a phone number and see if you can get past the gatekeepers. I usually can but then I’m good at this, you may not be so gifted and talented 😉.
  2. LinkedIn – invite them to connect on LinkedIn and then your amazing blog posts will feature in their feed, assuming you share content?
  3. Email –  send a short email with very clear intent and link to the relevant blog post.
  4. Twitter – find their company twitter and engage if your main target doesn’t directly have twitter. If it’s managed then they will be only too pleased to help…
  5. Youtube – share a link via their favoured channel to one of your informative videos. Ours have had over 40,000 views in a couple of years and I can directly relate them to new business.
  6. Questionnaire – host a questionnaire on your site for the truly interested where you can qualify them a little better. Offer a reward.
  7. Postal mail shot – nice to get something in the post; our ‘Pocket Guide for WINNERS’ booklet can be dispatched with a covering letter to those that complete the questionnaire. You could do the same.

The aim is to get those who are truly interested to complete the Questionnaire so you don’t spend the next 6 months trying to follow up on deaf ears. I find that my energy is then directed towards those who are ready, willing and able to let us write their tenders or be coached in the art of doing so by our training team.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Sales & Marketing Director
07717 820823
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