Showing Your Competitive Edge in a Tender

When preparing a tender submission, how can you demonstrate what your USP is? That’s your company’s Unique Sales Proposition, your Competitive Edge. It can be done, and careful attention to this can make all the difference.

Buyers in large organisations have many highly qualified and competent suppliers to choose from and they apply the bid criteria very strictly. That means you have to ensure your bid is compliant in every way. You need to show the buyers how well you understand and meet their criteria and, as in any serious selling situation, you must be very persuasive in the way you put your case across. You may think that’s not possible within the limitations of a prescriptive tender format, but you’d be surprised.

We help procurement teams to scope contract specifications for invitations to tender and then to evaluate the bids they receive. It soon becomes very clear who is just going through the motions and who is really keen to win the deal. If you can show that you fully understand what the buyers want and how you would deliver it effectively, that’s half the battle. Think about what’s special about what you do and then look for ways to show it as you answer the questions.

Your proposition must address the motivation behind the procurement and match the client’s objectives. Ensure that the key information they need to see is easy to find and clearly expressed with evidence of your relevant experience. Communicate the unique value of your solution with crystal clarity.

Contrary to popular opinion, the cheapest bid rarely wins. Price is always a key factor of course but you can beat your competitors if you can convince the tender evaluators that you are most capable of delivering what they need. The aim is to get to the next stage, the presentation. If your bid demonstrates organisational confidence focused on winning and offers best value you stand a good chance of doing just that.

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