Time to Grasp the Opportunities of Flood Defence Tenders

Time to Grasp the Opportunities of Flood Defence TendersClimate change, increased pressure to build on floodplains and coastal erosion all make flood protection a hot topic for public policy and procurement. Late in 2014 the government confirmed £2.3bn worth of investment in major flood defence projects.  And there are countless smaller-scale (but still substantial) schemes being implemented at a local level, such as the Exeter flood defence scheme close to where I live.

Time and tide wait for no man, as the saying goes. Flood defence projects are harder to delay or defer than road, rail and some other infrastructure projects. The consequences of delays can be significant financial and property losses, genuine suffering, and possibly loss of life, rather than inconvenience and traffic jams.

More Contracts for SMEs

At the same time the government remains determined to award more public sector work to SMEs. They also want to ensure that lower tier contractors and supply chains get paid in a reasonable time scale. Contracts over £10,000 in value have to be publicised on Contracts Finder and procurement processes are being simplified, which provides scope for businesses of just about any size.

Smaller businesses might have been put off public sector contracts in the past, fearing bureaucracy and slow payment. These are probably less of an issue than you think. The tendering process still needs a good level of understanding, but you can explore the Contracts Finder site to see the types of contracts that have been awarded and what’s coming up.

You can also use a specialist bid writing service like ours to guide you through the process if it’s unfamiliar to you.

Flood defence projects would seem to be a promising source of contracts for a wide variety of businesses. It’s not just civil engineering and groundworks contractors, projects usually involve environmental and habitat mitigation, data modelling, transport, and a variety of other support activities

 Seems like too good an opportunity to miss.

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