How Frequently Are You Researching Tender Opportunities?

Researching new tender opportunities needs to be part of your weekly routine. If it’s not then you could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business!

In round numbers there are around 80 new opportunities each day added to council procurement portals across England and 80 tender opportunities closing to the market for the evaluation process.

Using Contracts Finder and searching for NEW and CLOSED tenders up to the 31st May, starting with…

27th May – 269 NEW – 303 CLOSED this week

21st May – 758 NEW – 721 CLOSED this last fortnight

14th May – 1114 NEW – 1,165 CLOSED in the last 3 weeks

1st May – 2,050 NEW – 1965 CLOSED during May.

Now you could argue ‘What are the chances of an ITT (Invitation to Tender) that fits my business profile being published if there are only 80 new ones in total each day?’

The answer is probably, ‘Fairly slim if what you do is very niche.’ Or, ‘Very probably if you are in a competitive market.’

And what are the chances of winning the tender if ‘everyone’ is joining in?

Well, if you reflect that most people will be thinking ‘What’s the point ‘cos everyone else is taking part.’ Then that’s 80% of your competitors out of the game straight away!

Next thought is ‘Have others got their tender process mapped out? Have they got the necessary documents in place to get through the first round?’ The answer to that is that most likely, they have not. That’ll be another 80% reduction in competition!

So now we’re down to 4% of your competitors that are ready to catch the ITT and run with it… but are they ready? Are their eyes open or are they waiting to be invited personally because it doesn’t feel right otherwise? Shall we cull another 80%?

That means that 0.008% are ready to have a go… less than 1% of your competition are ready to give it a go and potentially win tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands £££ of new business.

In view of all that, don’t you want to get into the game?

Then watch our series of very short videos:

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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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