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The Magic Roundabout of the Exeter Business Scene

With all the uncertainty over Brexit in the air we can do well to ‘think more local’ by making the most of our real-world business connections — people we actually know and trust – to work together and help each other to maximise opportunities.

On Wednesday morning Elliott Myatt from Play Area Hygiene Services (PAHS) proudly announced on LinkedIn that they had won their first tender!

“Don’t sound so surprised!”, I thought, you had the Winning Tenders team on your side ;-).

barford recycled plastic garden seat

Are you sitting comfortably, perhaps on one of Elliott’s 100% recycled plastic park benches? Then let me tell you the story of how this win came about and how you might ponder your own ability to help local businesses thrive by joining a few dots.

Award winning young entrepreneurs Elliot Myatt and his best pal Guy Heynes had demonstrated that they had what it takes to run a business so Elliott’s Dad Adrian handed them the keys to PAHS, the family business saying “Crack on son…” thinking he was now going to be able to take a back seat and spend more time on the golf course rather than cleaning and maintaining play equipment but he was sooooo wrong!


Elliott and Guy had big ideas for PAHS and just cleaning and maintaining play equipment wasn’t enough for them… they decided to further develop the business by concentrating on new ideas, engaging new working partners and offering an extensive range of 100% recycled play equipment. These products can be used in either outdoor or existing indoor play areas.
THE PLASTIC COMPANY was born and they’re looking at providing the world with vandal resistant, maintenance free, high quality park and outdoor furniture products – benches, picnic tables, fencing, litter bins – made from upgraded recycled plastics…

owen richards linkedinLooking to find new opportunities they asked Owen Richards, CEO of Air Marketing, to get his people “smiling and dialling” and find organisations that would like to know more about their offering…

IanAt one of their monthly review meetings, Owen suggested that Elliot contact Ian Smith, CEO of Winning Tenders, to discuss completing tenders for local authorities, as they are huge buyers of furniture for city centres, parks and community space.

The first tender (£20k in value) was only missed by 1 point but the client has more requirements and PAHS will be asked to tender again for those. The second tender (£100k), was a commendable effort but that council were dazzled by a competitor’s design. Third time lucky… with Hampshire Council announcing a re-bid after their first procurement was scrapped PAHS were able to have another go so Elliot asked the right questions of Ian, “How do we increase our chances of getting on the framework?”

Ian advised increasing the product range, further emphasising its benefits and revisiting the pricing. After a few anxious weeks of waiting PAHS received a contract award letter.
This is a big break for Elliott and Guy but it could mean that Dad Adrian will have to postpone retirement to help build rapport across Hampshire and beyond to gold plate his pension pot!

plastics company pot plants

Ian is really pleased for the lads and offers these words of advice, “Once you get on the framework the job isn’t over. This is when the work really starts. You have to make sure all the individual project decision makers know who you are and that you will offer the best possible service, allowing them to relax in the knowledge that they are spending public money wisely.”

PAHS, trading as The Plastic Company, will now supply Outdoor Recycled Plastic, Wooden and Galvanised Furniture and Bike, Scooter Racks and Shelters to not only Hampshire County Council but also a plethora of public sector organisations who are a party to this agreement. PAHS are one of just a few companies that have been chosen as suppliers on this 4-year framework agreement which is stated to be worth a total of £1,200,000!

I can’t see what motivated them, can you?! 😉

If you’d like to know more about tendering then start with this page / video and feel free to contact us and we’ll happily talk you through.

In the meantime, make sure you are joining dots with your fellow local businesses like Owen did by introducing Elliott to Ian…

Thank you.

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