Top Tendering Tips

We recently asked our amazing team of experts at Winning Tenders, what their Top Tips would be for the tendering process. Here is what they said.

  • Read ALL bid documentation (including clarification responses) BEFORE you start responding to the invitation to tender (ITT).
  • Read the specification at least twice and the last time going through it, highlight key words and requirements so that you can ensure you cover everything they ask for in your response.
  • Planning and communicating your strategy for delivering the contract.  When deciding whether to bid for a new opportunity and how you will be able to deliver the client requirements, first consider the following questions:
    • can we deliver exactly what they are looking for?
    • does our approach match with the priorities the client has set out for the contract?
    • in this contract, what can we do better than our competitors?
    • can we do all of these things and still make money?
  • Include a covering letter or executive summary to summarise your approach and highlight how your organisation is similar to the client organisation.
  • Qualify the tender – the requirement for qualification applies in all sectors. Typically, sales management will see just the potential revenue and be blind to whether the contract is actually do-able. Issues may include capability, contract size, whether existing work will affect implementation, previous relationship, how the incumbent is performing, who has influenced the tender, etc.

Bottom line is if you don’t know anything about the tender until it’s released you are unlikely to win it

  • Make an absolute decision on whether to bid or not, weighing up all the pros and cons – is your business really qualified, do you have the capability, who are you likely to be competing against, can you price it competitively and make a good profit, will it affect your existing business, do you really want the contract?

If you decide to bid, really go for it, involve all contributors and put together a winning bid.

Watch our video on bid/no bid decisions

  • Consider Client Perspective (what they want, not what you think they want)
  • The buyer is restricted by the strategic plans of the local councils or public health bodies therefore, before you begin to bid on anything read the strategy with the specification.

It is the difference between scoring 7 – explaining what you will provide and 9 – explaining how your service enhances their strategic delivery.

Preparation is critical. 

  • Don’t add lots of ‘flowery’ language at the expense of addressing key parts of the tender specification, equally don’t simply re-work a sales brochure.  Ultimately, your potential clients need to know you can deliver what they want on schedule and at a competitive price.


Tendering is a multifaceted process. Let our expert team help you win that bid.

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