Tender Research Services

Are you generally happy to complete your own tenders but could benefit from a third party helping with research for tender opportunities, identifying which tenders you would have the best chance of winning?

Our team of bid writers love writing tenders but when they are not doing so, they like looking for tenders that match a client’s profile, knowing that if they were writing the tender we’d have a 75% or better chance of winning.

Once found, we’ll hand the ITTs over to you for your team to write.

In the same way that, with limited resources, you need help with tender research, it could be that you’ve drafted your bid, you’d like an external tender expert to review it before submission. If you’d like us to review your draft bid and suggest improvements that will improve your chances of success, of course we’re very happy to do so.

Obviously, you don’t want to be doing this at the last minute as we have to suggest a significant rewrite… but we will only make recommendations for changes where they are really needed.

We just want you to make the best representation of yourself and your company, giving you the best chance of winning the contract… that approach is in our name and in our company ethos.

Let’s talk about what your tendering process currently looks like and where, by saving you time and therefore opportunity costs, we could add some real value.

Thank you.