Searching for tenders using Contracts Finder help guide

Contracts Finder is a fantastic tool for finding public sector Invitations to Tender ITTs in England and this video is a help guide on to how to use the search facility to find tender writing opportunities for your business.

It’s effective because it uses using Boolean search strings – you don’t really need to know that but it’s the reason that this method will save you time!

The example given is for those searching for tenders to install fire alarms or CCTV systems or both.

Most of us would simple search: fire alarm, and then CCTV systems, as two separate searches. These are likely to bring up dozens of opportunities on Contracts Finder which have somewhere in the text the words “fire” and “alarm” or “CCTV” and “system” but not necessarily next to each other!

The Boolean search string requires us to use:”fire+alarm” if we are looking for those that specifically deal with fire alarms. This will result in far fewer ITTs to read through… marvellous!

If we want to look for both then “fire+alarm”OR”cctv+system” would be the way to go.

You can then save your search on the Contracts Finder platform and it will deliver to your email box any new ITT opportunities.

And if you need any help with writing and completing the tenders then we would only be too happy to help you.

Thank you.


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