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The government Contracts Finder website was created with a view to making it easier for SMEs to win public sector contracts by providing a “one-stop-shop” for searching LIVE public sector tenders with government and the wider public sector in England.

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Watch Winning Tenders’ help guide for searching Contracts Finder and find LIVE Public Sector Tender Opportunities available in England.

Use the tender search criteria on the left to filter the type of contract notices you are interested in and then the relevant tender notices will appear on the right-hand side. Read down and if any appear attractive then contact us and we’ll be only too happy to talk about your chances of success and how we might be of service.

Tender Opportunities in the rest of UK, Europe, the World
If you are looking for wider public sector tenders and private tenders across the rest of the UK, Europe and the world then there are two choices:, the brain child of Lord Waverley who has a global vision for business people doing business with each other. whose focus is on financial data analysis, so sharing tender opportunities is a natural hook for larger businesses looking to grow their market share.

Both tender search facilities include opportunities from across the globe but be aware there is a certain amount of duplication because data is very difficult to refine / define. Be patient, they are both making constant improvements, ignore the duplicates.

Let us be of service…
If you have gone through our Tender Readiness Check and have joined the Winning Tenders ‘family’, let us know the tender reference number and we will get the full documents for you to review and will forward with our recommendation as to whether you should tender or not.

For our regular clients we are happy to provide a tender search service.

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