Is it really cricket to contact lawyers about writing tenders?

We spend a lot of time helping Sales & Marketing professionals to understand that tender writing requires a different set of skills to the ones they usually deploy.

With lawyers you might argue that they are traditionally spin bowlers, trying to put the other party off their game but with tenders you need to be bringing the other team onside.

I’ve invited around 500 lawyers to connect over the last week asking “Anyone for Cricket?” via LinkedIn and so far 111 have caught the ball with half a dozen throwing it back to saying “Hey, sounds like a good game, let’s meet on the wicket and knock it for 6!” or that’s what I’m reading into what they are saying since I picked a cricket metaphor for this blog.

Tender writing takes skill and precision with an ability to communicate your value within the word count allowed… this takes a special kind of thinking and so we are open to:

• Writing the tenders on your behalf
• Reviewing the tenders once written
• Helping with presentation training if you get down to the final Test!
• Or any combination of the above.

Have a wander around our website and watch some of the helpful, informative videos we have produced along the way: these range from ‘How to Find Contracts to Tender For’ to ‘Winning the Rebid’.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help.

Fingers crossed that the lads will do better in the next Test!

Thank you.


Photo by Bart Sokol on Unsplash

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