Tender Writing for Ambitious Businesses

Our mission is to help ambitious SMEs to grow by enabling them to compete successfully with larger organisations in the world of formal tender writing.

Founder Ian Smith has over 30 years’ experience of formal tender writing experience and Winning Tenders has a win rate of over 75% for the tenders submitted on behalf of its clients! With our growing team of qualified, experienced bid writers we can help ambitious businesses to grow more rapidly than they would otherwise be able to simply under their own steam.

The mindset of our tender writers is not that of a marketer or a sales person; they sit above this, understanding clearly what a company has to offer but more importantly bringing clarity to the tender process by answering the questions that are asked clearly and succinctly to ensure that your bid scores maximum points as well as ‘ticking all the boxes’. Importantly, they also add value to each answer, ensuring your organisation’s unique selling points (USP) shine through. This is a real skill.

If a business is turning over £500,000 or more then getting involved in submitting tenders and then winning larger contracts is a great way to continue building your business in a sustainable way.

During the tender process there will be a number of qualifying factors relating to your business that demonstrate you can deliver the contract efficiently, ensuring that the council / hospital / college or corporation are minimising any risk factors and getting best value for money by awarding it to your organisation. These include:

• The number of years in business is usually one of them: they are likely to be looking for at least 3 years of successful organic growth.

• Relevant accreditations are in place eg ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO18001 / ISO27001 certification: EU-recognised standards for quality management, environmental matters, health & safety and information security will apply to contracts of significant value and you will need to demonstrate that your organisation has the necessary processes in place.

• Risk management is a vital factor and you will need to show that you have given thought to any problems that may arise and the risks are mitigated as well as having the necessary insurance policies in place.

A great way to get started in preparing yourself for tenders is to reflect on what you, as a buyer looking to awarding the contract, would you want to see from a reliable trustworthy supplier.

The process essentially starts as one of minimising risk (eliminating non-contenders) and then turns to shortlisting those companies that could manage the requirements of the tender and then considering ‘what added value do they bring which sets them apart from the others?’

Reviewing the client’s website will give you greater insight into the ethos of the company and if you can do things to reinforce their values within the tender then this could give you extra points in their scoring process.
Winning Tenders can help you with getting ready to start tendering as well as winning the tenders once you have your documentation lined up.

We have a handy ‘Pocket guide for Winners’ which we will happily to post to you as a first step. Simply complete this form on our ‘Contact us’ page and we’ll send it to you right away.

Alternatively, just give us a call 01392 247997 and talk to one of our experts.

Thank you.

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