Our winning ways

Because of the process described within our ‘Getting Started’ page, our Client Partners win contracts we deliver with them. This is because we are selective, fully understand the involved process and know exactly how to submit winning bids.

Upon bid identification

Once a bid is identified we will provide a fixed fee quote and, upon acceptance by the Client Partner, allocate a dedicated bid resource team.

Quality Assurance

As a minimum, each team consists of 3 x expert bid writers to deliver each bid.  Following APMP best practice methodology, we undertake a Red Review for all bids, which is undertaken by a Winning Tenders bid writer who has not been involved in the writing of the particular bid. Their main remit is to challenge the approach taken and undertake the review as though an evaluator would, which means that we provide two highly skilled bid writers who collaborate on your bid. Following on from this a third qualified writer is assigned the Quality Assurance role, to ensure the entire bid comes together before submission. 

Bid library

We maintain a tailored bid library for Client Partners, meaning less reliance upon the Client Partner to provide content. The longer-term objective is that the Client Partners only involvement is the review and ‘sign-off’ stage before we submit the bid.    

Win rate

Our current bid win-rate with our Client Partner is impressive. However, win-rates in outsourced bid writing are always a difficult indicator of success, as in a lot of cases the pricing element to the submission has a significant impact upon the outcome, and this element is outside of our control.

The Client Partner relationship

We seek genuine partners and so we would hope that live tender opportunities presented to Client Partners (or that they highlight to us) are pursued. We have had instances where the Client Partners rejects more than they pursue and so we have ceased our partnership arrangement as we have potential Client Partners ready to step in. This approach demonstrates our commitment to our Client Partners.

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