How we ensure the highest possible win rate

Our winning ways

Because of our step by step process for ensuring your readiness to tender, our client partners win contracts we deliver with them. This, because we are selective, fully understand the involved process and know how to gather together the required information, write the winning presentation and submit winning bids.

A robust and objective process for making the bid/no bid decisions?

  • Do you have a prepared library of up to date documents, shared access folders and access to the bid team?
  • Do you have a nominated bid manager and clearly assigned responsibilities?
  • Are you confident that you can write the bid submission clearly and succinctly in time for a reviews and updates?
  • Are Health and Safety, Quality, HR and other policies up-to-date and compliant with the needs of your prospective clients?

With Winning Tenders we ensure all of this is in place, ready for the bid process. Tenders often have fairly tight deadlines and so scrambling around trying to gather together all relevant documents, policies and pricing schedules takes valuable time away from answering the requirements and the very important quality review processes. 

Have you tried bidding before?

Are your recent proposals really focused on the specific needs of each client and project, or are they fairly generic with only a few details changed? Do they answer all the questions with levels of professionalism expected in a formal tendering process?

Do your products and services meet and exceed the whole range asked for in the proposal?

Many competing bidders will fall short because of a copy paste approach, failing to successfully answer unique questions and making silly mistakes like listing the wrong organisation. 

At Winning Tenders, our Quality assurance process ensures every bid is a unique piece of work and that at least 3 separate sets of qualified eyeballs reviews each bid before submission, this ensure our high level of success is maintained and you win the tender. 

How does Winning Tenders differ?

Our Tender Readiness Check will take you a long way to being able to confidently answer these questions, but at Winning Tenders our real secret sauce comes from answering each and every tender as if it was totally unique. For each and every bid, a Winning Tenders writer, skilled in your specific sector writes unique content to answer the buyers’ individual requirements.

Our expertise is in finally crafting the winning bid so that it is not only fully compliant with the buyer specification it also creates interest and excitement for the team that evaluates your offer. Indeed, we write answers to all those questions succinctly as well as playing to your strengths and emphasising the difference that your bid makes to the buying organisation.

We don’t only do this with your first bid, we do this with each and every bid up for consideration, this so that we can maximise your chances of winning the bid, that’s why we’re Winning Tenders.

Take the first step to putting your business in control of the tendering process…
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Are you ready to become a Client Partner?

Winning Tenders identifies opportunities, pre-qualifies them and presents them to our Partner Clients, all free of charge. The more we work with Partner Clients the more intelligence we build and so the pre-qualification of opportunities gets stricter and the number of contract wins becomes greater through the bid management and writing process we subsequently deliver.

We’re the bid department
To Bid or Not to Bid Winning Tenders

We review tender documents, write bids for you, or review your bids to give you the best chance of winning.

We find opportunities
To Bid or Not to Bid Winning Tenders

We sift through various
public sector portals
to find perfect, high value
contract. all of this free of charge.

We win you contracts
To Bid or Not to Bid Winning Tenders

We’re experienced professionals with a solid process. Best in class writers and a watertight Quality Assurance process.

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"Winning Tenders has enabled DSSL Group to capture revenue and contracts that would have passed us by and enabled our teams to focus on serving our existing customers whilst still achieving new contract growth."
(Aaron Stephens, Group Managing Director, DSSL Group)
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“You’ll be pleased to know that your 100% success rate is intact – we have been awarded the Vodafone contract!”
(James Freeman, CEO Reading Transport Ltd)
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"Not only did Winning Tenders help us win a multi-year contract with a local authority, but Patrick's guidance and expertise has proved invaluable to the company at a time where it is looking to grow and expand into more public sector work. 100% recommend them to anyone needing assistance with tenders".
(Harri, Devon Cleaning South Hams)
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“Over the past 3 or 4 years, with the support of Winning Tenders, we have continued to gain access to new markets and revenue streams - especially in the public sector and despite the uncertainty caused by Covid".
(David Beddy, FMS Interiors)
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“Winning Tenders have enabled us to secure significant new business whilst retaining and extending existing contracts. Over the past 12 months, these contracts have been worth in excess of £3.5 million - an ROI of at least £55:1.”
(Luke Evershed, Sales Director, Blueleaf)
To Bid or Not to Bid Winning Tenders
To Bid or Not to Bid Winning Tenders

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