How do you Improve your Tender Win Rate?

How do you Improve your Tender Win Rate?Pitching for bigger value contracts in the public or private sector means getting involved with formal tendering. Significant challenges and opportunities lie ahead when your business goes down this route. There are significant risks too.

Every contract you tender for entails effort – and plenty of it! If you can’t secure an acceptable win rate the profit you earn won’t be worth the work you have to put in.

In the process of helping dozens of businesses improve their tender success rates over many years we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be successful. We’re sharing some of that knowledge through a series of brief video tutorials. Among other things, these will help you decide whether or not to bid, how to make the process less painful, and how to make your proposal stand out from the competition.

Below you’ll find links to the videos we’ve created so far. We regularly release new tutorials with essential hints and tips to help you improve your tender success rate; so subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on your preferred social media accounts to make sure you stay up to date.

Video 1: How we help improve your success rate

Here we discuss how using a consultant can give you a head start. We also discuss some of the basics: making sure your submission is compliant with the specification (it’s amazing how many bidders trip up in this ‘simple’ area); the need to create real interest and even excitement about your proposal; and the fact that bid preparation and writing are skills in their own right that have to be blended with your subject matter knowledge if you want to be successful.

Video 2: How do you find contracts to tender for?

Where do you look for online tender notices for public sector contracts? How do tender notification services work? And how do you spot opportunities for secondary contracts.

Video 3: The bid / no bid decision

How do you decide whether or not to tender for a contract? Gut feel? Go for the projects that seem most interesting? We explain a more scientific process that helps you focus your energy and resources on opportunities you can win.

Video 4: Getting ready to tender

Gathering the right information so you have it to hand when an opportunity arises. What will you need to demonstrate yours is the most economically advantageous solution that offers innovation and reliability? How can joint ventures and partnerships help give you a foot up the ladder when you are new to formal tendering?

Video 5: The do’s and dont’s of tendering

Some important things to do and some you need to avoid at all costs. Some are common sense and some you probably won’t have thought of.

Video 6: How to show your competitive edge in tender submissions

In the world of competitive tenders, competition is often fierce and the rules are strict. Knowing how to be persuasive and state your USPs clearly, while staying within the rules is an art you need to master.

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