London Tender Opportunity

Value of contract: £200k – £210k

Closing date:  12 October 2018

Detonators are small metal devices that contain a small quantity of explosives, that are placed on the railhead to cause a loud sound, activated by the wheel-rail interface of a passing train to alert the driver they are approaching a hazard on the line ahead (RSSB GE/GN8532, 2015). They were first invented by Edward Alfred Cowper in 1837, to be used as warning or caution devices during fog conditions when signals were difficult to see. The use of detonators has largely remained unchanged since its introduction, over 180 years ago. Detonators are classified as explosives under the 1875 Explosives Act, and the storage of large quantities of more than 5 kgs (approx. 600 detonators) require a licence under the Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations (2004)…

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