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Looking to network with London businesses from the South West?

If you’re selling cheap shoes then ebay is the way all day long but if you want designer shoes, do you go to Asda or phone the PM for a recommendation?

So it is with service-led SME businesses… people need to know, like and trust you before they’ll do business and The Business Network Exeter is a great way to meet business owners from the South West. Apart from the lunch itself there’s always a great free seminar beforehand for you to learn something new.

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You need to be a business owner or director to join and you can be a member of more than one group. Helen Bennett is the founder and she chooses to run London, Exeter and Manchester with a number of other networking lunches around the country being run by associates who enjoy her way of doing things so much, they have bought in and run their local network. So we also attend Sean Humby’s Bristol meetings too.

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On Wednesday this week I attended the Exeter networking lunch at Sandy Park, home of Exeter Chiefs, along with around 50 other business owners. Thursday, Ian took the train to London to attend Helen’s London Business Network lunch – over 80 attendees were present and Ian met plenty of existing and new contacts there in the West End before going off to another meeting in the afternoon.

Helen has done a great deal to support Winning Tenders, introducing us to a number of members who have become clients; in turn we’ve been able to help their businesses to grow. As an example, Ian helped a London network member charity to land a £750,000 contract with Islington Council, read about it here…

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This week’s Business Network events have resulted in several interesting conversations that might well lead somewhere: you’d best watch this space as we further celebrate the value of being part of The Business Network in future blogs.

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