New Year Bugs

One of the main platforms I use for lead generation for my clients has had a dose of digi-flu; it must have been the new decade date change! Tech gurus will be reminiscing about the “millenium bug” and how they managed to fleece a few corporate clients on that little shindig 😉 .

We rely on tech so much that a minor glitch can cause us palpitations pondering the fall out consequences of it not doing what it should be doing. Suddenly, we’re high and dry.

I have devised a back up position should said system not be doing my bidding first thing this week. It finds work for our clients and produces a nice level of business for us but if we were not digging the opportunities out for our clients they might never see the light of day..…and with tenders being so time limited, those valuable opportunities would be lost to both us and our clients.

Like many fellow sufferers, I had a dose of man-flu myself over the holidays; thankfully it’s all gone bar the husky voice but that lack of oxygen takes it toll and restricts creative thinking as the basic survival instinct takes over.

Here’s hoping for a normal voice plus bug free tech from today onwards.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year and wishing you a bug free 2020 😉

Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

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