The 12 days of Winning Christmas Tenders

On the 1st day of Christmas a very nice prospective client said to me, “How about this tender, sounds like a great opportunity for us?”;

On the 2nd day of Christmas we had to say to him “Sorry but you only tick 80% of their requirements’ boxes and, if you go ahead, you will just be wasting energy and resources. We don’t want to just take your money, we want to live up to our name too”;

On the 3rd day of Christmas we shared with them our informative bid writing videos, seen over 55,000 times, starting with the Bid / No Bid Decision Process;

On the 4th day of Christmas another Invitation to Tender was found that seemed like a perfect fit and would increase their turnover by 25% if they landed it. We just needed to go through our Tender Readiness Check (TRC) process to establish if it was a perfect fit or not;

On the 5th day of Christmas our Senior Bid Manager decided which of our winning bid writers would be the best fit for this particular tender and instructed our TRC specialist to contact the client;

On the 6th day of Christmas our TRC specialist made contact and shared with the client the importance of a bid library, the nature of the information required and how they could get that information to us (online, email or drag and drop);

On the 7th day of Christmas the bid writer spoke to the client and listened to how they would plan to fulfil the contract requirements;

On the 8th day of Christmas the bid writer reviewed the bid library, their notes from the conversation and the ITT and started bringing the information together. This can take just a day but averages 3 or 4 depending on the nature of the tender. Some have taken 20+!;

On the 9th day of Christmas the bid writer passed the tender over to our QA specialist to review the content and ensure it was on message;

On the 10th day of Christmas the bid writer submitted the tender document to the buying organisation. This was entirely online, we hardly ever need to deliver ‘hard copies’ any more;

On the 11th day of Christmas the buying organisation invited our client and two or three other bidders to present their proposals so our presentation specialist first gave some hints and tips on “How to engage and inspire when Presenting”;

On the 12th day of Christmas the contract was awarded and, with our enviable record of Winning Tenders (hence our name), our client was the winner, thanks to our team extolling the virtues of the company and how they could deliver the contract best, so winning the day for all of us.

Merry Christmas!

..and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you.

Why not make it a New Year’s Resolution to grow your business through Winning Tenders?

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

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